In Astrochimp: Ditched in Space You are a chimpanzee astronaut (astrochimp) who is unexpectedly marooned and left for dead by the rest of his crew after an undisclosed incident occurred back at base camp on a mysterious comet hurtling through space, which is rich in rare and valuable ores, but which was assumed by Expedion Corp. to have been completely devoid of all forms of life...

Visual Style/Theme

We're going for an eerie, yet vivid and cartoonish art style with a painterly twist. As you can see I'm using a navy-purplish color scheme to convey a vague sense of jeopardy and foreboding. The landscape, especially at the start of the game, is cold, harsh and barren, yet not without it's beauty. this is how the game is looking at present (the animated gifs below don't show most of the background art yet, I promise I will go and update those soon...).


Having been left behind (or, ditched) on comet 471P, with only your spacesuit and a handy little anti-gravity ray gun (provided by Expedion Corp. for the transport of your extremely high mass cargo) you must find a way to traverse this unforgiving terrain, spanning over 60 levels all of which are packed with unique environments and challenges, using your short-burst jetpack and and the anti-gravity ray gun you got from Expedion Corp. Oh, and think you're alone up there? That's nice...

More coming on this soon, in the meantime, please follow us here and help us make this the best game it can be!

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